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37 New Categories for 2020
(full description for each category)

At EroAward we do our best to innovate and take chance every year with new and creative categories, that we think that best represent the fascinating universe of Adult Entertainment, which is continously evolving! First was porn, magazines, VCRs & DVDs, then CDs, Internet and the explosion of livecams and fetishes, clipstores and now membership sites...and even more fetishes spread over all these and a great of mixes...with bitcoin taking it all to a whole new level! What amazing times to be alive!!!
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276 Beauty Queen
277 Beauty Queen (trans)
278 Beauty King
279 Beauty Royal Couple

280 Bitcoin Bitch / Bitcoin Star
275 Bitcoin Ambassador

13  King of Cams
14  King of Porn
291 Royal CamCouple
292 Royal Porn Couple

258 Best Fetish Dungeon
259 Best Fetish Writer
260 Best Fetish Producer
261 Best Fetish Trans Star
262 Best Fetish Blogger / Vlogger
263 Best Fetish Magazine
264 Best Fetish Forum
265 Best Fetish Party
266 Best Fetish Industry Event
267 Best Fetish Trainer / Educator
268 Best Fetish Photographer
269 Best Stage Fetish Show
270 Best Fetish CamStudio
271 Best Fetish CamModel
272 Best Latex Star
289 Best Fetish Artist
290 Best Fetish Gay Star

273 Best Boys CamStudio
274 Best Trans CamStudio

281 Best Pee Model
282 Sexiest Dancer

283 Most Sapiosexual FAN
284 Biggest Tip FAN
285 Biggest Tip Star

286 Best Hairy Model
287 Best YouTuber
288 Sexiest YouTuber

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