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Rules for 2019

I. Schedule

1. Nominations (10 October 2018 -  22 November 2019)

Everybody who registers with a Name (it can be the nickname that you use as a model/webmaster, the name of your company or the real name) and Email, can nominate a model, promoter, webmaster, industry representative or company (cam studio, porn producer, etc). You can also vote yourself.

2. Gala awards (23 November 2019, Spain/Lloret de mar)
The winners are released during EroAward Gala.

3. Final nominees & winners List (30 November 2019)
The List with the Winners and Final nominees (top 3-20 most voted in random order) is displayed on site.

II. How to vote, Eligibility and Votes counting

II.1. Who can vote & Prenominations

All the voters have to be older than 18 years.

Everybody can nominate and vote anybody, even her/him-self.

You can't vote if you are not first registered with your Name and Email. After you register with name and email for the first time, search your Inbox or Spam folder and confirm your registration by clikcing the confirmation link.

(If you receive the message in Spam folder, confirm that our message is not spam and whitelist our email address, so you can get our messages always in your Inbox. Add us as your Favourites/Contacts!)

After you confirm your registration, you receive a new message in Inbox with the link to vote. You can use this link for multiple votes, so don't delete this message!

When you write your pre-nominations, add the same Name and Email that you used to register. Votes with Names and Emails that are not the same as registered, will be eliminated.

For each Category you can nominate only 1 model, person or company.

As some Cam & Porn Models use different nicknames (stage names), we introduce this year the vote also by Twitter name, so, you can use the model's name, or you can specify his/her twitter name, as the majority of the models have 1 twitter account.

Multiple votes are allowed, you can vote the same person/company at different categories or vote diferently on each category, but you can vote only 1 time per day. Those who vote more than 1 time per day will have their votes completely eliminated. So, don't try to cheat!

If you want to be voted, please ask the people from your social media and the adult industry groups and forums to vote you. If we determine that your votes come from other places (fake votes), we will eliminate them.

Models categories: LiveCams models, Porn models, Erotica/Glamour models & Non-adult models

In the categories where appears only the word "model", you can vote a cam model, a porn model or a non-adult model, females, males or trans. For example in the cateogory "Hottest Ass Model", you can vote cam models, porn stars, erotic (non-adult) models, glamour, sexy influencers. Also you can vote boys, girls or trans.

Best CamSum Model

To be voted in this category, you need to make at least 10 quality sexy pictures with a CamSum tshirt (blue logo on white tshirt). The tshirts can be printed by yourself in a local store that are everywhere (it may cost you 2-5$/tshirt) or bought from here


(there are available models for both women and men). From the link above you can also take our logos to print the tshirts.

The "Best #OpenYourBook Model (EroAward Tshirt)", "Best Twerk Model (EroAward Tshirt)" and "Best CamSum Model (CamSum Tshirt)" categories, appear amongst the first on the Winners & Final Nominees List, so all the eyes are on YOU! Beside, the models with a CamSum and/or EroAward tshirt(s) will receive special & permanent promotion from us!

Best #OpenYourBook Model (EroAward Tshirt)

Our philosophy from the begining as Adult Industry promoters was clear: Viral marketing by #EduTittyTainment (Education+Tits/Sex Appeal+Entertainment), which means that we're not searching only for more fame/money, but we also want to deliver Education and spot Social issues through our Entertainment and Arts. We want to help and directly contribute to create a better World! We can't say that "Porn is Art!" or "Camming is Art!", if our arts don't challenge, don't surprise or even shock sometimes, don't make people to stop and think, don't open eyes, minds or hearts...And, why not? Start a Revolution! Or a few! There are so many areas or places on Earth where they are so much needed! Sex is one of the most powerful weapon of mass seduction in the Age of Social Media & Viral...And we own it!
We started in the past with #Donate2Wiki by trying to convince people to donate money to support Wikipedia, and now we continue with #OpenYourBook #CultureIsSexy - a global campaign to support Culture and redefine Beauty. To be nominated in this category as a model, make at least 10 quality sexy pictures with an EroAward tshirt and a BOOK in your hand or near a library. 


Or, make a funny-erotic video where you explain why you love to Read, or that Book, why Culture is important for you, how you define Beauty, finishing the video with the statement: "#OpenYourBook - Culture is Sexy!". With this campaign we also educate by enriching the concept of Sexy which we don't limit it only to the body, in a society dominated by the Instagram Selfies. With #CultureIsSexy we actually redefine Beauty!

The #OpenYourBook Model models will receive special & extra promotion on our sites and social media, as we believe that the Future (Present!?) of adult industry advertisement is the Viral Marketing!

Best Latin CamGirl & Best Latin CamTrans

By "latin" we mean the models from South America, or who live elsewhere but have South American parents and can speak Spanish or Portuguese.

Best Non-adult model

We include in this category the cam models who do non-adult shows or the social media stars who do erotic or sexy pictures/videos, although they are not involved in porn or cam. Also the Glamour/Budoir models and the Sexy Influencers.

Best New

It is considered "new", any company, studio, camsite, model, who started aproximately in the last 3 years (2015-2016).

The Cam Sites categories

For 2019, in these categories can be voted also the White Labels. At "Best New Cam Site" we include the sites with aproximately 3 years of existence, so starting with 2015-2016.

Best business man/woman 

Can be voted only business owners and CEOs.

At "Adult Industry Representative" can be nonimated anybody, beside the ones from the above category.

The organizers of CamSum and EroAward can't be voted.

If you already know who to vote, you can vote directly here


or if you want to get some more suggestions on whom to vote and what categories, go to the EroAwardSHOP:

http://eroticcamawards.com/girls (for Girls, Lesbian couples and Hetero couples nominees)

http://eroticcamawards.com/boys (for straight Boys and Gays nominees)

http://eroticcamawards.com/trans (for Transgenders, Travestis, Drags)

On those areas will be promoted the models who want to sell their services through EroAwardSHOP (86% earnings for the models!).

Votes which don't respect the rules will be eliminated.

II.2. Final nominees

The List with the Winners and Final nominees (top 3-20 most voted in random order) is displayed on site (30 November 2019).

In order to have a list of final nominees on a category, we need a minimum of 1000 votes and at least 3 different entities (models, webmasters, sites, industry representatives or companies). The categories where we don't have a minimum of 1000 votes and at least 3 different entities, will not be displayed.

From 2019, we introduce a new rule: in order to be listed as final nominee, each nominee needs at least 300 votes. That means if in a category, we have at least 1000 votes and a winner, but the others nominees couldn't have at least 300 votes each, there will be displayed only the winner of the category and no other final nominees.

III. The trophies, crown & Gala participation

We have lots of surprises and promotion opportunities for the people who will be present at our Gala Awards & CamSum from Spain, on 2019! So, we do believe that is a great idea to participate! But, for the winners who can't participate at the Gala EroAward, we can mail them the trophy (+crown) in exchange of them covering only the mailing fees: 45 for Europe and 55 outside of Europe. The cost of producing the trophies and crowns are supported entirely by the EroAward organisers. For the winners who participate at the Gala, there are no costs regarding the trophies & crowns. 


Any updates of the awards or rules, will be publically displayed here.

14 October 2017

We added 6 new categories:
99.Best Ebony Model
100.Best Asian Model
101.Best Tube Girl
102.Best Tube Boy
103.Best Tube Trans
104.Best Tube Couple
The full description for each category can be found in the voting-link that you get in your email after you register to vote.

24 October 2017

At some models' and fans' suggestion, we decided to introduce "105. Best FAN" category.
Who loves you most in this world (beside your family & close friends)? Who treats you the best? Who is there to support you with money, promotion, votes and their hearts? More than 80-90% of our votes come from FANS, so why not recognize also their huge importance? No Star would exist without them: our beloved fans! We also introduced this category to diferentiate them of "60.Best Models Promoter" category, who are mainly professionals (affiliates, webmasters, promoters).

26 May 2018

We introduced new categories from 106 to 153. More (fetish) categories for Models and also Fans.
The voting time is until 14 June 2018 and the Final Nominees list will be displayed on 15 June.

28 May 2018

We introduced 2 new categories:

154.Best Sex Acrobat
Acrobat (Cambridge dictionary) = a person who entertains people by doing difficult and skilful physical things, such as walking along a high wire. A Sex Acrobat is a person who does the same, but sex related, going from body flexibility to extreme sex.

155.Super Hero (NonAdult Social Award)
Hero (www.dictionary.com/browse/hero) = a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character:
"He became a local hero when he saved the drowning child."
The Super Hero category of EroAward is a non-adult/non-erotic social award offered to any person, company or group of people, belonging or not to Adult Industry, who behave heroically, sometimes even risking their lives to save others, touching our hearts, setting an example for all of us, reestablishing our faith in Humanity, making us to believe that there is still Hope. In these category we don't include "best football player", or "richest man", etc. who for sure can also be considered heroes, but in other contexts. The idea came to us after we've seen the immigrant Mamoudou Gassama from Mali saving a child life in France, 27 May 2018. Mamoudou Gassama, the War & Poverty Immigrants and the Volunteers trying to help them are our first 3 nominees.

10 October 2018

We introduced lots of new categories, a total of 230, the majority of them dedicated to the Models.  #Power2TheModels
EroAwardShop, with 86% earnings for models, will soon be launched.

(a global social campaign by EroAward to support Culture and redefine Beauty)

We make MegaStars!
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