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#OpenYourBook & #CultureIsSexy

"Without education, porn may send a wrong message."

Adult Industry has a huge power of attraction...and this giant reaches sometimes further than any other media. Can we deliver more complex messages, which can include also education? Do we have the responsability to do it?

Open your Mind or Open your Book?

Since we started, we created the concept of #EduTittyTainment that mixes Education, Titties (adult materials) and Entertainment. A concept that was probably the main source of our success to become the #MostVotedAward in the Erotic Industry. So, after #Donate2Wiki - Donate to Wikipedia! , that we started in 2015, in the last years we created "Open your book - Culture is Sexy", a global campaign to support Culture and redefine Beauty. Both of these campaigns had great success and especially models adored it! So, we have received lots of very quality pictures, the majority were spread over our social media, but will also be put together here, to make our campaign even more viral.

Naked bodies...or Viral?

EroAward was created by some marketing professionals who always believed that the future of marketing is the Viral. So the 1 million dollar (at least!) question is How do we become viral? As if we look to virals like "Gangnam style", some ideas  brought lots of millions...And mixing great ideas which can touch people's brains & hearts, with great bodies, great marketing skills & social media experience, we believe that we are on the perfect path! ;)

The "Open your book" customers have more money than the "Open your mind" ones

With our campaign we also try to seduce a more educated consumers target, which obviously, have a bigger economic power...and with the explosion of fetish niches it looks clearer that the most important sexual organ is the brain. And, the models who also open books beside minds, have bigger chances to increase their revenues. And the main idea behind EroAward was CamMillionaires: to help models make more money.

How to join?

If you are a model and want to join our #OpenYourBook & #CultureIsSexy, you can print yourself an EroAward tshirt with the logo, and make some funny, sexy, provocative, erotic pictures (preferible minimum 10, half sexy and half erotic or explicit) and/or a video (preferible minimum 10 minutes, half sexy and half erotic or explicit).


(as promissed, soon we add here all the amazing pictures & videos that you sent to us)

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