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There are 4 types of registration:

- register to Vote;

- register for Nomination (Free or Premium);

- register for EroAwardShop;

- register for participating in EroAward Gala & CamSum congress in Spain.

I. Register to VOTE

It is obligatory to be registered here, if you intend to do it also in 1 or more from the other 3 places.

In order to vote, follow these steps:

1. Register

Register with your First Name (or stage name / nickname) and Email address --> Register Here to Vote!

2. Confirm your email address.

Go to your email email Inbox (or Spam/Bulk) and search for the "Confirm your registration" message sent by EroAward. If you haven’t received it in Inbox, make sure you check your Junk/Spam mail folder, it might be hiding there. If it is there, make sure to mark it as "Not spam" when you open the message but before you click the confirmation link inside.
Open the message and click the confirmation link inside of the message to confirm your registration.
Whitelist our email address by adding it to your favorites (info @ eroaward . com).

3. The voting link

After 20-40 minutes, you will receive a new message from EroAward with the link to vote at EroAward 2020. Don't delete this message, so you can always use the link to vote. Maximum 1 vote per day. Don't share this link on social media, anybody who wants to use it, must register first.

II. Register for NOMINATION

The registration for nomination is free for those who in exchange promote their nomination at EroAward, on top of their social media (avatar, or background, or description, or pinned post/tweet) and sites. Those who don't want to promote their nominations on some or all of their sites and social media, we can do it for them on our sites & media, with the Premium nominations (paid services).

Register here to be an EroAward nominee:

- Models (girls,   boys,   trans);

- Promoters & fans;

- Professionals & companies.

III. Register for EroAwardSHOP

If beside being nominated for Free, you also want to sell your services as a Model on EroAward, and get 86% of the earnings paid instantly in bitcoin, join EroAwardShop.

IV. Register to come at EroAward Gala & CamSum congress in Spain

The CamSum.com & EroAward, although they are separated events, one is a congress, the other one is a gala awards of few hours, they are sold together.

The entry at EroAward Gala & CamSum 2020 costs:

- 100 € for fans and professionals (stars, models, webmasters, bloggers, promoters, etc).

- 500 € for companies/participant. The companies can bring only business cards. Those interested in offering promotional materials at our events, please check our sponsorships offer.

The dressing code at Gala is elegant. The organizers will deny the entry to the participants who are not dressed accordingly!
Registration is obligatory for all!

You can't register to participate at CamSum/EroAward Gala, if you are not first registered to vote.

Register here to participate at CamSum & EroAward Gala, then make the payment.
If you come with a partner or family member, register each of them. If you are a company who comes with more professionals, register each of them.


You can pay by: paypal, bitcoin, paxum, bank transfer. Interested in other ways to pay?
10% discount if you pay by bitcoin!

After you pay, we will send you a code that you will use to get access to our events.
Make sure you bring your ID, Passport or Driving licence and that the informations you provided us are the same with those from your ID.
Without a valid ID, nobody can enter at CamSum or EroAward Gala.

VERY IMPORTANT: by participating to our events, you give us the right to make pictures & videos in which you might appear, and use them the way we want, to promote our events. You agree that we will own the full copyright of all the pictures and videos that we make at CamSum & EroAward events. Please read our Terms for CamSum & EroAward Gala.

We are the Champions, my friends!

We make MegaStars!
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