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The entry at EroAward Gala & CamSum 2018 costs:
- 100€ for fans and professionals (models, webmasters, bloggers, promoters, etc).
- 300€ for companies. The companies can bring only business cards. Those interested in offering promotional materials at our events, please check our sponsorships offer.
The dressing code at Gala is elegant. The organizers will deny the entry to the participants who are not dressed accordingly!

Registration is obligatory!

First, you have to register with us, and if your registration is accepted, we will drive you to the payment page. After you pay, you will receive a code that you will use to get access to our events.
Make sure you bring your ID, Passport or Driving licence and that the informations you provided us are the same with those from your ID.
When you register to Vote, after you confirm your registration, in 30-60 minutes you receive a message from us with the link to vote and at the bottom, there is the link to Register to CamSum and/or EroAward Gala, where you have to put your infos. After you fill that, we will get in touch with you at the email you provided.

If you are not already register to vote, you can do it here with Name & Email ---> Register Here.

If you registered to vote but didn't receive the message with the link to register for CamSum and/or EroAward, please contact us.

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