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"At EroAward, the only independent award, we are the 90% - models, fans & promoters!"

Organising an award costs A LOT of money, promotion, time, partnerships, sleepless nights, organisation efforts. But money remains one of the most important part...You can't be "the best award" if you haven't serious financial resources, at least not on the long term. Of course the traffic exchange is awesome, the cross promotion, but only the traffic itself doesn't pay the huge bills of creating and growing that amazing award for which anybody would sell a kidney to be nominated at or to win a trophy...;) While (almost) everybody agrees that awards are awesome and a very important part of any industry, not anybody has an answer on who should pay for organising the nomination and a gala...

Nowadays we have 2 types of awards:

- the sponsors oriented awards (99% of the awards) - where the main attention and the awards go to the sponsors and their models and partners. So, the main rule is: you pay, you get an award and all the focus on you, the seminars and you're the heroes of the free parties. (Although nothing in life is quite free...;) ) No pay? No award and no attention.

- the only independent award - EroAward, where the focus is on the 90% of the adult industry - the models, fans and promoters.

Of course we can mention 2 more types, to be sure we really cover them all:

- the independent online awards - which are all very small and with little impact, as they struggle with the same problem: money to be able to grow and ideas to generate substantial income;

- the awards organised by companies for their models, professionals, partners - which obviously don't cover too much of the industry, as they are limited only on themselves.

For sure, we are also opened to sponsors-companies, like any award, but the more support we receive from the 90% (models, fans & promoters), the better we can serve these segments. Also we try to keep a balance between the sponsors and the other parts of the industry: you can't be relevant as an award which only sells trophies, make a bit of buzz 2-3 months per year and you end up with almost the same gala format (as opposed to EroAward that runs ALL YEAR promoting the industry, introducing the biggest number of categories for models and promoters, the only award creating categories for fans and the most innovative award!). There isn't anymore any "surprise" nowadays in the awards: you know they are all sold, you just watch the sponsors list and you already know the "winners" :) Even more boring when the nominees and winners are almost the same at all the awards :)

That being said...Do you like what we do? Show your love & support by helping us to grow even bigger:

- bitcoin:  3Ht4PXU3uF7LYgsmr7CUqV5CTDboxZGQU5

- paypal: jobs4adults @ gmail . com

- paxum: jobs4adults @ gmail . com

- patreon (under construction)

Don't be afraid to invest in what you love and in what helps you to grow professionally and...financially! :)

Other ways you can financially support EroAward, beside the reciprocal promotion:

- EroAwardSHOP - with 86% from revenues for the models and instant payments, Models earn more with us and Fans spend less and get more fun, so they have all the reasons to earn / spend their money through EroAwardSHOP, as the 14% of our revenues we dedicate them 100% to grow the Only Independent Award!

- SupremeGoddesses.com (70% from earnings for models and instant payments) - the soon to launch FIRST site dedicated only to Financial Domination is our biggest sponsor till now and as they are committed to support us on the long term, supporting them is helping us!

- Sponsorships - you can join our sponsors as a Company, but also as a Model (mini-sponsorships).

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