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White Rose - Charitable Foundation

EroAward non-profit campaigns

Since we launched EroAward as EroticCamAwards in 2015, we showed our interest to get involved also in non-profit social campaigns that would benefit our society as a whole, not only the Adult Industry. So, in 2015-2016, we had #Donate2Wiki – Donate to Wikipedia! to encourage people to donate money to Wikipedia.

In 2017-2018 our second was #OpenYourBook #CultureIsSexy - to support Culture and redefine Beauty.

We are very proud of the success that both initiatives had, the number of people we attracted to participate, as well as the attention and reactions that we received.

From 2019, we decided to take a step further by creating the White Rose Charitable Foundation - a platform where we can bring together different social issues, causes and people who need help, and organizations, people or companies who want to offer their support.




(We believe that twitter, facebook and instagram are the most popular social media networks, and anybody that is on internet, has at least 1 account in at least 1 of these 3, and can join our foundation.)

Join to offer help

We made it very easy for those who want to get involved: just interact in any way with our social media, and you're in (follow, like, retweet, share, repost, leave a comment, tag us in a post/picture/video, etc).

Ask for help

You can do it publicly (leave a comment on our media, tag us in a comment/picture/video for retweet/reshare, etc), or privately by contacting the people from above, who interacted with our networks.

Contact WhiteRose

For any issue regarding WhiteRose, please contact us privately or publicly, only on the social media of our foundation.

Rape Victims Support

Our 1st initiative is about rape victims and our goals are:

- raise awareness about this very serious problem that is still affecting too many people around the world and can also affect any of us, directly or indirectly;

- understand the great pain that victims have to go through and getting involved to offer solutions;

- educate about it, diversify and increment the ways to fight against rapes and searching solutions to reduce them;

- to create a platform where people who need help can meet with those who are willing to offer it (rape victims who can share their experience and what solutions they used to heal themselves, associations & organizations who support rape victims, etc).

While EroAward, as any award, is a full time business, we are proud to be the first (and only) award from Adult Entertainment to create a charitable foundation, where anybody can ask for or offer help, either they are from Adult Industry or not, and regardless if they want to do business with EroAward or not. And let's hope that with the time, there will be many those who will say that our foundation was of (any/great) help to them: it will be a success built by all of us who joined!

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