Niki Sky is “Best CamGirl” and “Funniest Model” nominee

Gorgeous, naughty, sensual, playful, successful, adored as a Diva & worshipped as a Goddess, very intelligent and funny, social media star…are too few words to describe one of the most amazing AudioVisual Artists ever: Niki Ski!


Niki loves to ride…Can you imagine?

We guess that we speak in the name of all the men in the Universe when we say that we are actually thanking God from the Sky for giving us Niki!


Niki adores pillows fight…Do you want to try it? You won’t resist more than 69…..seconds…

Everywhere you watch in the Social Media, you see Niki Sky…she’s a mistress of self-promoting her, but also some of the biggest promoters totally worship her and give their last breath to push this Super Model to where she belongs: on the Top of all tops!!!

PS. Speaking about intelligence, Niki convinced us that we should reintroduce the “Smartest Model” category that we had in 2016. She would have definitely get lots of votes also there!

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Niki Sky will participate at 2018 – the Porn & LiveCams Summit!

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