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The Most Voted Award in Adult Industry! (3rd edition)

Winners 2018

Download the pictures: Miss CamSum | Gala Awards | PhotoCall

2018 was definitely the Year of #EroAwardArmy: almost 2 millions votes (1.873.269, to be more exactly)!!! A total new breaking record!
The winners were mainly identified by their twitter account. If you want to search a name or a category fast, you can use Ctrl+F. As stated in the Rules for 2018 voting, for the winners who participate at the Gala, the costs of producing the trophies will be entirely supported by CamSum & EroAward organizers. But, if for any reasons you can't make it at our Gala, we can mail all the winners their trophies (the cost of delivery for a trophy is 30€ for Europe and 50€ outside of Europe - paypal, paxum, bank transfer, tokens).
Congratulations to all the winners, final nominees, as well as to all who participated in our nominations, Gala EroAward or supported us in any way! #AllForOne #OneForAll

- It is possible that in time, some twitter accounts or sites are deleted by their owners or they change their names.
- The models - winners who have a voting profile with EroAward or EroAwardShop, will have here the link to their voting profile.
- The winners who put in their profile at the top (background, or avatar, or profile, or pinned post/tweet) that they won at EroAward, their full url of the social media / site will be displayed here.
- The winners who put in their profile at the top (profile, or pinned post/tweet) that they won at www.EroAward.com, will get a link here to their profile.
- The winners who didn't add in their profiles their EroAward winning, will only have their nickname added here.

* As we informed you on our site, since we started the nominations for 2018, for the winners who couldn't participate at the EroAward Gala, we can mail them the trophy (+crown) in exchange of them covering only the mailing fees: 45 for Europe and 55 outside of Europe. The cost of producing the trophies and crowns are supported entirely by the EroAward organisers. It is not obligatory for a winner to ask for the trophy in order to remain a winner, and any winner who didn't want to pay the shipping fee to receive his/her trophy, is still invited to participate in the next nominations or galas. For the winners who participated at the Gala, there were no extra costs regarding the trophies & crowns.

Miss CamSum - yasmindaferro4

1. Best CamSum Model - tightcouple

2. Best #Donate2Wiki Model - https://twitter.com/KaiyaShi1

3. Best CamGirl - Natasha Bomb ( https://twitter.com/AtomicSexBomba )

4. Best CamBoy - SexcTexn ( https://twitter.com/SexcTexn88 )

5. Best CamTrans - amoramias

6. Best Cam Couple -  tightcouple

7. Best Porn Female - Nesty (https://twitter.com/NestyXXX)

8. Best Porn Male - Arcangel ( Jose Maria Tremendo )

9. Best Porn Trans - https://twitter.com/MrsKellyPierce

10.Best Porn Couple - https://twitter.com/CarolineDeJaie & maxxrajoy

11.Best Spanish CamGirl - voyaprobar1

14.Best Spanish Porn Female - agathafoxxx

15.Best Spanish Porn Male - bryandaferro

17.Best Spanish Porn Couple - https://twitter.com/NandoAndSara

18.Best New Porn Female - lindadelsolx

21.Best New Porn Couple - https://twitter.com/ShowCoupleSex

22.Best Latin CamGirl - https://twitter.com/alanapiper10

23.Best Latin CamTrans - https://twitter.com/mori_paola

25.Best Boobs - https://twitter.com/ana4friends    Milky Ana

26.Hottest Ass - https://www.instagram.com/deia_brito

27.Best Pussy - https://twitter.com/vanecolorado05

28.Sexiest Legs - https://twitter.com/sexykittylee

29.Best Dick - https://twitter.com/SexyBoyJames1

30.Sexiest Model - https://twitter.com/biankablue1

31.Top Glamour Model - https://twitter.com/SaraHot25

32.Greatest Diva   - https://twitter.com/DiamondDollxxx    DiamondDollXX

33.Supreme Goddess - https://twitter.com/theVonNette

34.Best Gym Body - https://twitter.com/summerkisses2

35.Craziest Model - https://twitter.com/GerdaKinky

36.Most Original Model -  https://twitter.com/StefaniTarrago

37.Best Fetish Model - https://twitter.com/teressabizarre

38.Best Tattoo Model - https://twitter.com/JessStarrXX

39.Best Mistress/Master - https://twitter.com/sionagold

40.Best FootFetish Model - https://twitter.com/MissDiamondIML

41.Best FinDom Model -   https://twitter.com/BarbieSEXXBOMB

42.Best Bratty Princess - https://twitter.com/BellaDona2026

43.Best Cosplay Model - https://twitter.com/devilsophie1

44.Best Squirt Model - SquirtGirlyyy

45.Best Oral - https://twitter.com/belindarubio_x

46.Best Anal -  https://twitter.com/StacySnake

47.Best Curvy Model    -   https://twitter.com/love69jane69

48.Best BBW Model - https://twitter.com/MiaBigTits

49.Best MILF - https://twitter.com/EvitaDeLunaBCN

50.Funniest Model - https://twitter.com/_floresgabriela

51.Smartest Model - https://twitter.com/KittysOfficial_

52.Best Entertainer Model -  https://twitter.com/ana4friends

54.Best Independent CamModel - https://twitter.com/Claraa_Sweet

55.Best Studio CamModel - https://twitter.com/MarilynSweett

56.Best BusinessMind Model - https://twitter.com/nikkilove4200

57.Best Solo Site - https://danasanto.com

58.Social Media Star - https://twitter.com/AngelaCianuro

59.Best Adult Blogger - Manu De Santo

60.Best Models Promoter - https://twitter.com/for_hydra

74.Best Porn Producer/Director - Conrad Son

84.Best Photographer - Cesar Nebreda    https://www.instagram.com/CesarNebreda

97.Best Industry Event - https://www.SalonEroticoDeMurcia.com

98.Hall of Fame
Buster Brown - http://ComeShootMe.com
Helena Kramer - https://twitter.com/_HelenaKramer
Sofia Siena - https://twitter.com/Sofia_Siena
Camila Montalban

99.Best Ebony Model - https://twitter.com/1exoticdesire

100.Best Asian Model - https://twitter.com/AminasShi

101.Best Tube Girl - https://twitter.com/jennifer1177xxx

104.Best Tube Couple - https://twitter.com/oorrggaazzmmm

105.Best FAN - https://twitter.com/m6969xx    Chulapo Pichi

106.Best Webmaster - Alexandru Moisei    http://VideochatInfo.com

108.Best Cam Bio Designer - https://twitter.com/FansChaturbate

109.Best Cam Moderator - https://twitter.com/zupergeil40

110.Top Stylish Model - https://twitter.com/MarianDifioreLJ

111.Sweetest Model -     https://twitter.com/MistyBlondeBaby

112.Best UndiesSeller Model  - https://twitter.com/FelicityPanties

113.Best Snapchat Model  - https://twitter.com/ElizzabethJames

116.Best Latin Porn Female - Francys Belle

120.Best Porn-Cam Model - Velvet Skye

121.Best Stripper - https://www.instagram.com/CarmenSnakeOficial

122.Best Pole Dancer - https://twitter.com/SusyDance1

125.Best Role Play Model - HollyHoltImLive

126.Best Alternative Model - https://twitter.com/MiaDuranX

127.Best Smoking Fetish Model - https://twitter.com/SonyaDiamondx

128.Femme Fatale - Anastasia Bega

129.Best NorthAmerican Model - https://twitter.com/ChellieDD

130.Best WestEuropean Model - https://twitter.com/marieleakinka

131.Best EastEuropean Model - https://twitter.com/Niki_Sky69

132.Best FreeShow CamModel - https://twitter.com/LustfulBeauty01

133.Best PrivateShow CamModel - https://twitter.com/AmberLiseLJ

134.Best Teen Model - https://twitter.com/DianaRiusX

135.Top Latin Glamour Model  - https://twitter.com/Sara_wiilson229

136.Best Clips Girl -    https://twitter.com/MinaSexyStar

137.Best Clips Boy - https://twitter.com/RoccoHardXXX

138.Best Clips Trans - https://twitter.com/lychaxo

139.Best Clips Couple - https://twitter.com/JayLaInc

140.Best Live PornShow - https://www.facebook.com/josemaria.tremendo    Arcangel &
https://www.facebook.com/daniela.evans.1238   Daniela Evans

152.Best Swinger Club - Swingers Club Oops (Spain, Barcelona) www.OopsBarcelona.com

153.Best Affiliate - https://twitter.com/bombladies

154.Best Sex Acrobat - https://twitter.com/CarmenSnake

155.Super Hero (NonAdult Social Award) - Satoshi Nakamoto - for creating Bitcoin.
(Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or people who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, created and deployed bitcoin's original reference implementation. As part of the implementation, they also devised the first blockchain database. In the process they were the first to solve the double-spending problem for digital currency using a peer-to-peer network. They were active in the development of bitcoin up until December 2010.)

Like we stated in the Rules from the begining  ("In order to have a list of final nominees on a category, we need a minimum of 1000 votes and at least 3 different entities (models, webmasters, sites, industry representatives or companies). The categories where we don't have a minimum of 1000 votes and at least 3 different entities, will not be displayed."), the categories with not enough votes, will display no final nominees/winners. Due to the low interest of voters in them, some of these categories may be eliminated in the next year.

12.Best Spanish CamBoy
13.Best Spanish CamTrans
16.Best Spanish Porn Trans
19.Best New Porn Male
20.Best New Porn Trans
24.Best Latin CamBoy
53.Best Non-adult Model
61.Best Adult Viral
62.Best Cam Site
63.Most Innovative Cam Site
64.Best Freemium Cam Site
65.Best Private Cam Site
66.Best Boys Cam Site
67.Best Trans Cam Site
68.Best New Cam Site
69.Most Innovative CamStudio
70.Best CamStudio
71.Best LGBT CamStudio
72.Best Romanian CamStudio
73.Best Colombian CamStudio
75.Best Porn Site
76.Best Porn Tube
77.Best Cam Affiliate Program
78.Best Cam WhiteLabel Program
79.Best Porn Affiliate Program
80.Best Alternative Site for CamModels
81.Best site to sell videos
82.Adult Industry Representative
83.Best Business (wo)man
85.Best VR Product
86.Best New Adult Project
87.Best Adult News / Community site - NEV
88.Best SexToy
89.Best Payment Company
90.Best Billing Company
91.Best Mobile Company
92.Best Hosting Company
93.Best CMS Platform
94.Best Dating Site
95.Best Traffic Solution
96.Company of the year
102.Best Tube Boy
103.Best Tube Trans
107.Best LiveCam Trainer
114.Best DILF 
115.Best Twerk Model (EroAwardTshirt) 
117.Best Latin Porn Male
118.Best Latin Porn Trans
119.Best Latin Porn Couple
123.Best Drag Queen
124.Best CrossDresser Model
141.Best Master FAN
142.Best Slave FAN
143.Best FootFetish FAN
144.Best Sugar Daddy FAN
145.Best Pay Pig FAN
146.Best Sissy FAN
147.Best Sph FAN
148.Best Humiliation FAN
149. Best JOI FAN
150.Best Sex Shop
151.Best Lingerie Shop

Badges for Winners 2018

Right click with your mouse on the image and Save As in your computer. You can paste the badge on your pictures, backgrounds or use it as avatars and show it all over your social media.

Here is our blank badge that you can edit with the category that you won. Use Segoe Print to write. If you need help, we can assist you.

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