Miss Angy


Nominee name: missangy

Other stage names: MissAngyXXX, Dirty Angela, DirtyAngelaXXX, AnngeeSugar

Angy won “Best CamGirl” at EroAward 2019!

Categories where she is nominee (min 4 & max 8):

  • Queen Of CamGirls
  • Best CamGirl
  • Best Pussy
  • Sexiest Model
  • Greatest Bitch
  • Supreme Goddess
  • Glamour Supreme Goddess
  • Best Blonde BigBoobs

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  • George

    You are the top of the tops on Chaturbate, simply the best! I vote every day :*

  • Patrice

    MissAngy, you are the best in so many categories!
    I am voting for you each 24 hour… My daily routine till 22 of November!
    You will win!


  • Patrice

    MissAngy is the most awesome Camgirl ever!
    She is sweet, sexy, beautiful, funny ….
    What could you expect more ?
    I also vote for her every 24 hour!

    Please support her too!!!

  • Hottest camgirl I’ve ever seen!

  • She is the One and Only really dirty naughty and hot cam model that LOVES making men cum

  • Keith Wright

    From the minute I saw Angy, she changed me. She is more than an adult performer, she is a remarkable woman.

    Her smile is the kind of smile which is so bright that it lights up the darkest of days. Days which are hard for you to understand and handle.

    Her laughter in inexhaustible. I’ve never heard her berate a visitor or rudely deny their rude demands in their demanding and perverse ways. She is kind and diplomatic to them without chastisement or derision. A true lady.

    Her beauty is natural and understated. She need not spend hours applying makeup to achieve her look. A quick brush through her hair and a application of powder and a touch color to her eyes and lips and she is done. I am overwhelmed at the simplicity of her beauty regimen and the results she achieves.

    All of this, smile, laughter, and beauty, lay the basis of a woman with the kind of sexuality which is raw, perverse, erotic, and natural. She never holds anything back and gives to everyone, man… Woman… Trans… As if they are her dearest lover and satisfies without restraint. The genuineness of her performance is the key,and why she deserves the award. I have been on the internet since the days of the Commodore and Tandy Color Computer. In those 35 years, she is the best I’ve ever experienced.

  • Patrice

    This is the final straight of the voting Marathon!
    I did my best to vote every day or almost 🙂
    You will win, MissAngy, I tell you!!!

  • Patrice

    Yayyyyyy !!!!!
    I told you we will win and WE did!!!!
    I’m so happy for you, MissAngy !!!

  • Christian

    Magnifique Lea

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