Power to the Models!

By #Power2TheModels and “Camsum – Where #ModelsDoBusiness!”, we mean that our main focus are the models. We consider them the most important category from the Cam Industry, and an event where models think and act as a business, all the other categories can do also good business (cam sites, studios, webmaster, promoters, advertisers, etc.).
EroticCamAwards is not only the 3-4 hours gala that happens one time per year, the red carpet, sparkling champagne, photograph flashes, expensive dresses and the winners. ECA is a full year (24 hours a day/7days a week/365 days per year!) event that promotes the Cam Industry (models, studios, webmasters, cam sites, alternative revenues sites and tools, etc), and especially the MODELS.

CamMillionaires, the main founder of EroticCamAwards, through many seminars and expert panels at some of the biggest Adult Industry events, or articles published in the most important magazines, proved its capacity to bring revolutionary ideas about the CamModels promotion, branding, income diversification, viral marketing (VCS – Viral Cam Squad) and the way that they will evolve in the near future, so the models who will join ECA will get plenty of ideas about how they can grow their business!

Our promotion efforts are at many levels:

  • promotion on the site subcategories (Girls, Boys, Trans);
  • promotion on the social networks, adult networks and Public Releases on magazines or industry groups/forums;
  • promotion of the final nominees (large list of 5-20 models, people from cam or companies);
  • promotion of the participants at the gala awards;
  • promotion of the final nominees (small list 5-10 names) during the gala awards;
  • promotion of the winners at gala awards;
  • viral marketing campaigns through the “Viral Cam Squad” (a group of top cam models that are funny, good acting skills, smart, good looking and can provide quality videos/pictures to create virals like “Ice Bucket Challence”, but funnier, smarter, sexier and with much bigger impact).

So, this is the full value that we deliver to all those who decide to participate in and support us!

Send us pictures with www.WeTransfer.com at jobs4adults@gmail.com if you want to be featured here and promoted as a model (Trans or Couple) on our sites and our social networks.

The winner, doesn’t take it all at ECA! In fact, we make winners from ALL the people who join us!


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