(Promoters for Girls, straight or lesbians, solo, couples or groups. Find here the ones who promote only/also Boys or Trans)

If you are a Females models Promoter, a Team or a Fan-promoter and want to join our #TeamOfTeams, please register to join and be nominated at the categories for promoters.

Dear Promoters from #EroAwardArmy, support & partner with the Models from our team, and bring your favorite models to our Promotion System!
Dear Models from #EroAwardArmy, support & partner with the Promoters from our team, and bring your favorite promoters to our Promotion System!
The more united we are, the stronger and better results we can all have!


As we promised, inside of #EroAwardArmy, we work to create the Biggest Team of Promoters on the planet, and we can do this by joining forces with all the individual promoters and all the teams interested to grow together. You are a fan helping cammodels or pornstars with promo, as a hobby? You are a professional promoter or want to learn how to do it? Are you part of a team or own a team? An affiliate or webmaster? A blogger or a forum owner?
JOIN US! Together, we’re much more than the sum of each! We will list here all the promoters who joined us, with all their sites and social media.

Promoters market & services for Models:

We launched the Promoters Market & Services for Models, where the promoters (& fans) can SELL DIRECTLY their services to the models & studios who are interested (prmotion, banners design, websites building, cam moderators, etc), so make sure to register if you are interested!

Twitter promoters:

(Models & Promoters, follow and copy/paste these promoters in your tweets, or tag them in your photos/videos, to get many retweets & tweets. It is FREE advertising!)


Innactive accounts for over 1 year:



(please contact us if you want your (team) hashtags added here)

  • #EroAward
  • #MostVotedAward
  • #EroAwardArmy
  • #ModelsFirst
  • #Respect4Promoters
  • #FansAward

The best post/tweet format to ask for votes

When asking for votes, even if you are a model/professional/company or a fan/promoter asking votes for somebody else, the best format is this:

Vote for me / or Vote @Models/Company/Professional-Name





and then visit my (cam)site(s)



#hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3

@promoter1 @promoter2 @promoter3

As you can see, the free lines are very important and the way we group the information, to make the post/tweet easy to read, understand and to get clicks on the links. Also, this format makes the post/tweet “bigger”, so when people scroll the social media, it increases the probability to be seen and read.
Unfortunately, many people post/tweet like this:

Vote for me #BestCateg1 #BestCateg2 #BestCateg3
#BestCateg4 at 2019
#EroAwardArmy #hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3
@promoter1 @promoter2 @promoter3


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