EroAward, like any professional award in the world, including the Oscars, is a business, and being part of #EroAwardArmy Promotion System offers many advantages in exchange of respecting our terms. If a nominee disagrees with any of our rules or want to leave EroAward(Army), please contact us and let us know.

Any model that promotes her/his nominations at EroAward at the 4-8 categories that she/he/they can choose, on top of their social media, personal site, camsites, clipstores, etc., will have a Free voting-profile here, on EroAward site, with all those social media accounts and sites listed.

If you want to be nominated at EroAward, to receive a free voting-profile here and also to appear on the nominees lists, please register for nomination.If a model stops promoting her/his nomination on a social media or site, that social media or site will be eliminated from the nominee profile, and when EroAward nomination is deleted from all her/his sites, also the profile will be deleted and our promoters will stop promoting that model.

Another way to get a Free voting-profile on our site, is by joining EroAwardShop, where you can add a full Description of all your services, packages and their prices, and sell them here for bitcoins. We offer models 86% of earnings, the biggest commission from all camsites or clipstores!

If you don’t want to promote your nominations on your social media and you’re not interested to sell your services through EroAwardShop, but you do want a voting-profile here with nominations on the 4-8 categories of your choice and ALL your sites, a full Description of your services, with your payments details and even contacts, you can get it with the Premium nomination (paid promotion).

Examples of nominees: