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“JayLa Inc is a mass media and management group here to bring you original content. We are the new generation of adult media here not to just bring you X rated content, but other content as well that we consider to be appropriate for the ages of 18 and older only! We are responsible for landing the gig for our Superstar Swinger couple JayLa and James Bangbros and Industry Invaders Appearance. Be sure to Google JayLa Inc to see the various media that we may have online..Its JayLa Inc!” (James, CEO of JayLa Inc)

JayLa is an Asian Mixed Model who is also JayLa Inc first female model. JayLa has began her career in the year of 2012 and have made appearances on sites such as Bangbros “Big Mouthful” & Industry Invaders “Foreign Policy”. She has also featured in JayLa Inc music videos from the artist R.a.B. as well as featured in an independent film by the name of “RAGS TO ROYALTY”. JayLa career has plenty to come…this is only the beginning.

JayLa and James is JayLa Inc Superstar Swinger couple also CEOs of JayLa Inc that has been in the adult business since 2012. Lovers since the age of 2006 and now here to take the world by storm with their hot steamy sensual lifestyle brought to the limelight . They also have reached 1 million views on Pornhub “Asian use black lover as sex prisoner”. Be sure to Follow JayLa Inc online to swing with the sexy interracial couple and take on the exhibition with them…Its JayLa Inc!

Categories where they are nominees (min 4 & max 8):
  • Best Asian Model (JayLa)
  • Company Of The Year (JayLa Inc)
  • Best Porn Couple (JayLa & James)
  • Best Models Promoter (JayLa Inc)
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