Inna Innaki is “Best Porn Female” & “Best Gym Body” nominee

Who is the most beautiful Greek Goddess in the world:

Aphrodite or Inna Innaki?


Would you help Inna with the sun cream?

The mythological Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea…But what we can tell for sure, is that also the legendary porn actrice Inna Innaki has that kind of body that needs a swimming pool nearby or a sunny beach…

The super porn star is EroAward nominee at:

  • “Best Porn Female”
  • “Best Gym Body”
  • “Hottest Ass Model”

Do you want to know WHY???????


You know how they say, that: 1 picture speaks more than 10000000….0000 words…

We believe that you’re already convinced to vote Inna Innaki NOW!!!


We know that you want to push it…real gooood…

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