AdeleLUV is “Sexiest Model” & “Hottest Ass Model” nominee

Adele is so damn cute that it’s hard to imagine her in such compromising positions, with big dicks stuffing her every orifice and covering her in splooge, but nothing makes this chick happier. Tall, thin, and smooth like butter all over, she sports a pair of bee-sting tits and perfect nips with epic pointy pinkness. Her skin is flawless, and her soft but firm flesh stretches in subtle curves ‘round her thighs and over her porcelain peach of an ass.


Adele’s face sometimes has the expression of an angel. Other times you can see the devil brewing in her expression, like when she’s waiting impatiently to shoot some sweet smut. Although she loves to take it any way it’s dished, she especially loves it hard and merciless, making adorable grunt faces as her insides get distended to the max.


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