(Promoters for Boys: solo, couples or groups, straight or gays. Find here the ones who promote only/also Girls or Trans).

Dear Promoters from #EroAwardArmy, support & partner with the Models from #EroAwardArmy!
Dear Models from #EroAwardArmy, support & partner with the Promoters from #EroAwardArmy!
The more united we are, the stronger and better results we can all have!

Promoters market & services for Models:

Soon, we will launch the Promoters Market & services for Models, where the promoters can also sell directly their services for the models & studios who are interested.

Twitter promoters:

(copy these promoters and paste them in your tweets, or tag them, to get retweets)


Innactive accounts for over 1 year:



(please contact us if you want your (team) hashtags added here)

  • #EroAward
  • #MostVotedAward
  • #EroAwardArmy
  • #ModelsFirst
  • #Respect4Promoters
  • #FansAward


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