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Welcome to EroAward 2019, our 4th edition!

EroAward - the LiveCams, Porn & Erotic Awards promotes the Best of the Best stars, webmasters & stars promoters, cam studios & porn producers, adult industry professionals and companies. The Awards Gala will be organised in Spain (Lloret de mar), on 23 November 2019, during the CamSum.com - the Cam & Porn Summit (23-24 November 2019).

(The site will be updated soon for 2019.)

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Why EroAward 2018 will be MUCH BETTER than EroAward 2017?

- #MostVotedAward in the Adult Industry: More than 1 million votes!!!

Although we didn't expect this to happen so soon, in less than 2 years, EroAward became the most voted award ever in the Adult Industry, with a breaking record of more than 1 million votes! Yes, we are that award that you actually see it everywhere, using the smartest and most advanced marketing strategies! For 2018 we come with a bigger promoters team and more diversified solutions to best promote
"la Creme de la creme" of the companies and professionals from Adult Entertainment, in order to maintain our title as the Most Voted Award!

- More #Power2TheModels!
We make MegaStars!
Again, our main support for EroAward 2017 came from the MODELS, who completely understood that the most important key for growing nowadays is PROMOTION! You supported & trusted us? We remembered, so in 2018, we come with more categories for models as well as bigger and more diversified promotion for them! While all the other awards events are mainly focused on companies, we are the only award & summit who puts models first!
CamSum.com - Where #ModelsDoBusiness!

Our slogan for EroAward 2018 is very clear: more fame & more money for the models from Porn, LiveCams, Glamour photos models or Social media stars. And we consider ourselves the best in offering the greatest advertising for models, as the main founders of EroAward are the CamMillionaires, a marketing company specialised in promoting, branding, viral marketing and income diversification solutions for models, porn stars, studios and producers.

- Fetish is King: largest & most diversified categories for fetishes!
Fetish has a huge importance in porn & livecams, so at EroAward 2018 we come with the biggest number of categories covering the most important fetishes!

- More space for LGBT: BoysEroAward.com & TransEroAward.com

By BoysEroAward.com we mean the Boys categories from EroAward, either gays or straight, and by TransEroAward.com we include the Transgender, Drags & Travestis categories. In 2018, BoysEroAward & TransEroAward will be organised in the same time with EroAward, but with 2019 we intent to separate the 3 events so we can better focus on each group, keeping the open access for anybody to any of the 3 awards shows.

- Spain is "The 2nd Colombia"! #VivaLaRevolucion
Spain is the opposite of Romania: In Romania, everybody knows about LiveCams, but (almost) nobody wants to do Porn! In Spain, everybody wants to do Porn, but (almost) nobody knows about Webcams! But things are changing fast and in Spain we can have the same livecams Revolution that we had in Colombia, and CamSum-EroAward is the best option for the webcam sites & studios who want to conquer the "virgin" Spain!
We're ready for fu*kin' Big Business! Are You?

- the only International-Latin-Romanian event!
CamSum & EroAward are the only events outside of South America, where we use both languages: English & Spanish. And although we define ourselves as INTERNATIONAL award & summit, we also heavily promoted and colaborated with the latin models, professionals & companies, especially from Spain & Colombia, to which we are the award who most categories dedicated them. We also happen to speak Romanian and know the  Romanian Webcam industry very well. All these gives us some unique advantages over the other events for livecams &/or porn!

The voting schedule:

1. Pre-nominations (6 August 2017 -  14 June 2018)
Everybody who registers with Name + Email, can nominate a model, webmaster, industry representative or company.

2. Final nominees (15 June 2018)
The top 3-20 most voted are listed in random order.

3. Gala awards (16 June 2018, Spain/Lloret de mar)
The winners are released during EroAward Gala.

EroAward.com - #MostVotedAward!

Categories for EroAward 2018:

1. Best CamSum Model
2. Best #Donate2Wiki Model
3. Best Camgirl
4. Best CamBoy
5. Best CamTrans
6. Best Cam Couple
7. Best Porn Female
8. Best Porn Male
9. Best Porn Trans
10.Best Porn Couple
11.Best Spanish CamGirl
12.Best Spanish CamBoy
13.Best Spanish CamTrans
14.Best Spanish Porn Female
15.Best Spanish Porn Male
16.Best Spanish Porn Trans
17.Best Spanish Porn Couple
18.Best New Porn Female
19.Best New Porn Male
20.Best New Porn Trans
21.Best New Porn Couple
22.Best Latin CamGirl
23.Best Latin CamTrans
24.Best Latin CamBoy
25.Best Boobs
26.Hottest Ass
27.Best Pussy
28.Sexiest Legs
29.Best Dick
30.Sexiest Model
31.Top Glamour Model
32.Greatest Diva
33.Supreme Goddess
34.Best Gym Body
35.Craziest Model
36.Most Original Model
37.Best Fetish Model
38.Best Tattoo Model
39.Best Mistress/Master
40.Best FootFetish Model
41.Best FinDom Model
42.Best Bratty Princess
43.Best Cosplay Model
44.Best Squirt Model
45.Best Oral
46.Best Anal
47.Best Curvy Model
48.Best BBW Model
49.Best MILF
50.Funniest Model
51.Smartest Model
52.Best Entertainer Model
53.Best Non-adult Model
54.Best Independent CamModel
55.Best Studio CamModel
56.Best BusinessMind Model
57.Best Solo Site
58.Social Media Star
59.Best Adult Blogger
60.Best Models Promoter
61.Best Adult Viral
62.Best Cam Site
63.Most Innovative Cam Site
64.Best Freemium Cam Site
65.Best Private Cam Site
66.Best Boys Cam Site
67.Best Trans Cam Site
68.Best New Cam Site
69.Most Innovative CamStudio
70.Best CamStudio
71.Best LGBT CamStudio
72.Best Romanian CamStudio
73.Best Colombian CamStudio
74.Best Porn Producer/Director
75.Best Porn Site
76.Best Porn Tube
77.Best Cam Affiliate Program
78.Best Cam WhiteLabel Program
79.Best Porn Affiliate Program
80.Best Alternative Site for CamModels
81.Best site to sell videos
82.Adult Industry Representative
83.Best Business (wo)man
84.Best Photographer
85.Best VR Product
86.Best New Adult Project
87.Best Adult News / Community site
88.Best SexToy
89.Best Payment Company
90.Best Billing Company
91.Best Mobile Company
92.Best Hosting Company
93.Best CMS Platform
94.Best Dating Site
95.Best Traffic Solution
96.Company of the year
97.Best Industry Event
98.Hall of Fame
99.Best Ebony Model
100.Best Asian Model
101.Best Tube Girl
102.Best Tube Boy
103.Best Tube Trans
104.Best Tube Couple
105. Best FAN
106.Best Webmaster
107.Best LiveCam Trainer
108.Best Cam Bio Designer
109.Best Cam Moderator
110.Top Stylish Model
111.Sweetest Model
112.Best UndiesSeller Model 
113.Best Snapchat Model
114.Best DILF 
115.Best Twerk Model (EroAwardTshirt) 
116.Best Latin Porn Female
117.Best Latin Porn Male
118.Best Latin Porn Trans
119.Best Latin Porn Couple
120.Best Porn-Cam Model
121.Best Stripper
122.Best Pole Dancer
123.Best Drag Queen
124.Best CrossDresser Model
125.Best Role Play Model
126.Best Alternative Model
127.Best Smoking Fetish Model
128.Femme Fatale
129.Best NorthAmerican Model
130.Best WestEuropean Model
131.Best EastEuropean Model
132.Best FreeShow CamModel
133.Best PrivateShow CamModel
134.Best Teen Model
135.Top Latin Glamour Model
136.Best Clips Girl
137.Best Clips Boy
138.Best Clips Trans
139.Best Clips Couple
140.Best Live PornShow
141.Best Master FAN
142.Best Slave FAN
143.Best FootFetish FAN
144.Best Sugar Daddy FAN
145.Best Pay Pig FAN
146.Best Sissy FAN
147.Best Sph FAN
148.Best Humiliation FAN
149. Best JOI FAN
150.Best Sex Shop
151.Best Lingerie Shop
152.Best Swinger Club
153.Best Affiliate
154.Best Sex Acrobat
155.Super Hero (NonAdult Social Award)

See the Final Nominees list for 2018!

The 2018 Winners List. Congratulations to all who participated, voted, supported us, were nominees or winners!

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2018 EroAward Hosts:
Luca - PR Agency & Models promoter

PR Agency & Models promoter
Evita De Luna
Porn actrice & Producer,
Festivals organizer

ALL the Social Media Stars, CamModels & PornStars who will attend CamSum & EroAward 2018,
will be interviewed and featured in our Final Video 2018, which will stay 1 full year on the FIRST page of CamSum.com & EroAward.com, and be uploaded to 100 of the biggest Video Platforms & Porn Tubes in the world, bringing you MILLIONS of views and FANS!
What other events gives you better & bigger promotion than us???

We make MegaStars from Cam, Porn, Glamour models & Social Media stars!

We make MegaStars!
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